10 key points to write SEO friendly content

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10 key points to write SEO friendly content

The backbone of every website is great content. You can’t find any website where there is no content. A content gives a layout to your site. It collaborates with the audience, and gives them the idea of your website. If your content is relevant, easy to read, unique, explain correctly and point to point then it can easily connect with the audience.

When video and audio both fail, there comes the reading part. Nowadays people are going with videos, as they find it easy to adapt. But here they forget that writings can give more knowledge than videos. Here I will recommend ten useful ideas to make your article successful.

1. Find your Keyword

  • You need to know the importance of keywords in the article. If you add keywords in your article, it helps in search engines to identify your website contents. If you think you can easily find keywords, then you are wrong. You should know what type of keywords you need for your article.
  • In fact, you need to know the best top ranking keywords, which can really help to boost your site. Here I am saying top ranking keywords because these keywords are one which have been searched by the audience on a day to day basis.

You can use many tools like Google webmaster, Ahrefs, Google AdWords to find the best keywords for your article.

2. Reading Accuracy

  • This is the main part which proves that you are a good content writer. If your article, your points, your idea, your humor sense has mixed upon well and created a masterpiece, then you are good to go. See, for writing content you don’t need to be an English Grammar Teacher. 
  • You just need to write the content like you are just casually talking to someone. Yes, you readers want simple, easy to read and quality content. You can make it more interesting by adding some humor which can make the audience happy.

3. Relevant Points

  • You have to add keywords according to the relevancy of your content.. Search engines scan your content and look whether you have created the content for only just ranking purposes. 
  • If you will think about your audience’s welfare first then only your content can be on the top ranking list. So adding relevant topics for your audience is a must.

4. Adding Keywords

  • The keywords should embed in the sentence like it is just a part of the content. Your content’s main purpose should be to share knowledge with your audience and to become famous.
  • You can add keywords as the sub-headings or just in one paragraph. Keep in mind that your article should not be fully covered with keywords. This will give a hint to the search engines that you are just posting the content to get good ranking. 
  • You can synonyms of the keywords rather than always using the exact keyword. If you will use the same keywords again and again, then you will be in the list of Google Penalties.

5. Short paragraphs

  • As the sub headings says, using short paragraphs is the best for using in the contents. Why is that? Because  no one likes to read long paragraphs. It makes the audience bored of your content. 
  • It would be great if your paragraphs will be of 4 to 5 lines and rather not a big paragraph. As my personal experience I am saying, I really do get bored of the long paragraphs.

6. Subheadings a must

  • If you have written a beautiful article but in only a paragraph, then you have made a big mistake. All your hard work will be a waste of your time. 
  • There is no rule to write in subheadings, but you should think in your right mind. It is a great idea to clearly write your points so that the reader will also get what you want to add next.

7. Bullets or Numberings

  • As you can see in my content also I have used bullets and numberings so that I could make the work easier for my audience. With this method, the explanation goes from point to point.
  • You can also add keywords as your subheadings. Be sure to add eye catching and easy to understand subheadings.

8. Proper Page Linking

  • See as I already said earlier you should add proper keywords which clarifies about your content. If your content is different and the link you have attached in your keyword is different, then you will easily lose the credibility  which you have gained.
  • It’s just simple to understand that if you write a content, it should be matched to your website. If you have a technology website, write about it and not the cosmetic products.

9. Say no to Repetitions

  • Repeating words in content is a big NO! NO! It’s better to write about your opinions at once rather than to repeat it in any other paragraphs. I know viewers are smart enough to understand it. 
  • Some writers add some words or sentences many times for example like “basically you know”  “basically you see”. These should be avoided very badly.

10. Check overall article

  • Before coming into conclusions or just running out to publish your article, check out what you have exactly written. Sometimes unknowingly we make certain mistakes which are hard to find. 
  • It is better to check twice. You never know what kind of errors you can find. There could be many grammar and spelling mistakes. In fact you can even forget to put a fullstop. So check thoroughly.


I hope this article makes everything clear to you guys. In short your content should be interesting, point-wise, easy to read, relevant, rich in keywords, but not too much. Make your content more interesting by adding images too. It is not easy to write the content as you need a good sense of humor, knowledge. Take one step at a time and you are ready to go!

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