How to do Site Audit? What is involved in it?

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How to do Site Audit? What is involved in it?

What do you do when you are having a fever? Obviously you go to the doctor and get checked. Same happens in the matter of Site audit. Here site auditing means the checkup of the site. 

Site auditing means to identify all the issues present in the websites. There could be problems like broken links, duplicate content, page speed optimization and technical issues.

If you conduct the site audit, your site will work the same as when it was first made. Regular site audit is necessary to check whether the site is generating any traffic. If it is generating then why it is not giving any potential. 

For a great SEO, you need to check your site regularly else you will lose all the traffic. So let’s find out how you can easily conduct a site audit:

1. Start with an Audit Tool:

There are so many audit tools which can audit your site easily. To name the best ones, we have SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz etc. There are both free and paid audit tools. 

Benefits of  Audit Tools:

  • Checks out the technical issue.
  • Checks On-Page and Off-Page issues. 
  • Checks the duplicate or weak content.
  • Checks the page load issues, pages blocked by robots.txt and page errors.
  • Checks broken internal or external links.

2. Run your website:

If you have chosen a premium tool, you can enter your URL there and check the status of your website. The site will overall scan your site and will tell about the errors in your sites. 

In short it will create a report where the issues are in your site. These audit sites will categorise the errors which will be easy for you to look into.

3. Technical Errors:

Technical errors can seriously impact the working of SEO. Your site can run more smoothly and without any technical errors. Audit tools find errors and status like :

  • Https Status
  • XML Sitemap Status
  • Broken Images
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Crawl Errors
  • Broken Links
  • Robots.txt file
  • Page and Site load time

Most of these errors can be fixed by the web developers or SEO Expert.. Checking these problems can seriously fix your site’s performance.

4. Check out the SEO Problems:

You have heard of the terms like On-Page, Off-Page issues and technical issues. These issues can affect in one way or another.there are SEO problems which can be solved by Audit tools:

  • Missing, duplicate short and long meta descriptions.
  • Missing, duplicate short and long meta title tags.
  • Duplicate or Missing title text or image alt text.
  • Missing code Google Analytics.
  • Absence or Presence of HEadings like H2, H3.
  • Incorrect or missing microdata.
  • Non-optimized anchor text and internal links.

These can find out your issues and can fix it through re-writing of the titles of meta-descriptions, page-titles, and adding headings.

5. Design and UX Analysis:

Many of the audit tools have the capacity to check out and analyze how user-friendly your site and web design is? Both of these look after how you interact and communicate with the customer while on page. 

Page depth and navigation finds out how easily you can use your site and finds all the information about your site. Make sure that all your content is easily available to the customers. 

Don’t navigate all your pages deep inside of the site. You need to keep in mind that you have to navigate all the pages easily. So that the audience don’t get mad while visiting your site.

6. Checks out Website Content:

These tools also tell about the duplicate content. It is not a great idea to add duplicate content on your website. Google can easily find out about the plagiarized content. 

Your content should match with your website. If your site is related to Technology then you should write about that only. Content should be unique, with good keywords, no spelling or grammar mistakes, should have bullets, numberings and images.


If you are a SEO Expert or owns a Website then your first priority and responsibility should be to check all the issues related to the site. These audit tools can show up all the faults in your sites and it is your duty to solve your site problems. If you will ignore all the problems then it can affect your site a lot. You can see the effect from your eyes but it can seriously give a lot of problems.

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