How to start with Guest Posting?

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How to start with Guest Posting?

As a content writer, I can explain to you the whole process about Guest Posting. You have to know that this is an equal part of creating backlinks. Sometimes you have to be direct and ask the High DA sites for just a backlink.

You must know all about it before starting or doing it. Well, guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone high authority website. You have to approach someone with your own website or by email and after that if they are interested they will reply to you.

Why is Guest Posting a good strategy?

If you write content for your site, which has low DA, then I guess it is just not essential that much. Don’t get hurt by my words. Here, I am saying that to popularise your content you need to post that content on that website which has high DomainAuthority. 

Why is that? Because those websites receive a lot of traffic as compared to your site. You have to take baby steps to become one of the High DA sites. If your DA increases then your popularity and traffic too.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

  • Building good relations with high DA sites.
  • Reach to a million people by expanding the relations.
  • Give a medium to people for reaching out to your site.

How to publish your first guest posting?

If you think that guest posting is an easy way of creating backlink, then you are wrong. As compared with the other techniques, guest posting is not an easy task. Let’s find out how:

Step 1: Aim of your Guest Posting

As we have discussed earlier, guest posting has a lot of benefits. You need to clear your mind of why you need guest posting? You need to figure out your aim or goals before going for it. Keep in mind that your content should be related to that particular site where you want to post. 

So you need to find what you should write, how effectively you should combine your words to make a meaningful sentence.


  • To generate traffic in your site.
  • To popularize your product, service among the audience.
  • To increase your Domain Authority.

You need to keep in mind the second point. Why is that? Because you should not look like you are too promotional of your content or services. Your main motive should be to write content which can truly help the audience. You should not just put in the audience mind that you are promoting your product in every line of your content.

Step 2: Target a Site

This is a crucial step, as you have to find the sites which are related to your blog. You should search the list of those sites which provide the same services or contents  like you. You can also find guest posting sites by typing in Google: 

“Keyword (Your Keyword) + Guest post by”

Once you type this keyword in the search engine, then  you can automatically find the list of the sites which openly welcome the guest posts. In these sites you can find the pages like Write for Us, Contact Us, or About Us page where they mention that they accept Guest Posting. There they will come up with their requirements like what they are looking for in a content.

Step 3: Need a Proposal

You need to learn some techniques to approach the people who you want to work with. Here are the points you need to focus:

  • Keep it simple and brief:

You know most of the bloggers don’t have much time to read your 200 page paragraph. If you are approaching them keep it simple and brief. Like you should be up to the point. Write the Title and what the topic will be about.

  • Check the Requirements:

Don’t approach anyone without reading about their requirements. In my personal experience many bloggers have resend me the requirements when I was just a fresher. Go through their requirements, like how many words are needed or what should be the topic.

  • Talk about your requirements:

If you need a specific backlink for any particular link, you have to clear it out. If they charge for posting the content, then also talk about it. Don’t be nosy and ask too much! Just what you need to.

Step 4: Write your Guest post

Keep these points while writing and submitting your guest post.

  • Make a list of the requirements which they have mentioned like it should be unique. 
  • Look out your length of the article according to their requirements, like the word limit could be 1000-2000.
  • Write the post to engage the audience. 
  • Don’t be a salesman! Means no overly promotion of your service or keywords.

Once you are happy with the post, send it to them and wait for the response. Patience is the key! After a few days, if they haven’t responded or not published, you can follow them up. But not too much.

Step 5: Promotion of your article

If everything has gone according to your needs and they have published it, Congratulations then. You can use your social media profiles to share your link or the post so that as many viewers could read it. You can also send it through your G-mail account. Great idea right?


Guest posting is this field where you have to try and try a lot. If you start to pitch 10 high DA sites then maybe the chances are that only one site will respond. And that is not needed, that particular site would be happy with your articles or requirements. So, it is a hectic job. But once when you get approved then your site will manage to get a lot of traffic. The Go Getters can try it. As there is nothing impossible.

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