Key points to write SEO friendly articles

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Key points to write SEO friendly articles

As a writer, you require skills to write an article so that readers can read with full interest. You should focus on your writing structure. You can provide information to the reader as main heading or subheadings with these people will grasp concepts easily whatever you want to convey. If people will read your article with full interest then it will share your concept on their social media platform and it will help to increase your ranking. So, if you want to rank on no.1 so you have to improve your writing skills.

Let’s start key points to write SEO friendly articles:

What most writers do before writing an article. They just start writing whatever comes into mind. Well this works for people who have natural writing skills and talent but some need help. In my personal opinion before I write an analysis whole concept and correct all accurate information because I don’t want to make mistakes.

1.Think before writing an article:

As mentioned above your blog post is the main weapon to rank your keyword. You should concentrate your mind before writing a single word and collect all the reasonable information like:-

  • For what purpose are you writing? 
  • How to make it interesting? 
  • How can you convey your words in an easy language? You should think before all these questions.

2. Structure of an article:

  • You should provide a short introduction to begging from this reader to understand the details. 
  • As you know if we meet anyone we know a little about it first and then talk as the same thing happens in the article.
  • The body of the article also plays an important role. You should write in subheading or some points.
  • After writing the whole article you should provide a conclusion at the end.

3. Provide heading and subheadings:

  • The heading is not only important for readers but also for SEO purposes. Heading will also help Google engine to grasp and accordingly it will help you in the ranking. 
  • With the subheadings the reader will easily scan your article and if they find something they want to read then he will spend time on your article.

4. Give your post read to someone before post:

  • Before publishing your post, let other people read your post and ask them. Do they understand well? Did you face any difficulty in reading?
  • And also ask them for some Grammarly mistakes so that you can correct them at the same time. I also do this whenever I write an article I give to my partner. If there is any mistake she will tell me after that I will clear it.

5. Previous content links:

  • If you have written an article on the same topic but the heading is changed and you are now re-writing that content so don’t forget to link this post with previous content.
  • As you know your link structure is very important for google rank and if you rank on google then automatically your domain authority will also increase.
  • If the reader likes reading your current post then they will also search your previous one.

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