Top 5 best SEO tips bloggers and authors in 2020

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Top 5 best SEO tips bloggers and authors in 2020

What is a blog?

Before writing a blog for any topic we should clear the mind of what is blog/blogging and how we can write it so that you people will read easily. A blog is online content information where an author shares their views and opinion on an individual topic or project.

They write everything whatever they experienced in their life and represent in reverse chronological order.

Do you know the purpose of a blog?

Writing a blog does not have a specific purpose; it may be personal use or maybe some business blogging. If you want to earn money then you should do blogging for business purposes and if they give you money then they have only one purpose to promote the website. As a new company, they would like to talk with customers right! 

So they promote their business by posting a blog where all information has been written from this customer and get all important information. So, the main purpose to write a blog is to connect the company to relevant customers.

The most informative and relevant blog will attract customers and higher the chance to get discovered by target people which your blog is a good lead generation tool.

Now let's talk about the top 5 tips which will help you in blogging.

  1. Blog Heading
  • Heading is one that gets first attention in the whole topic if their heading is attractive or interesting then people will read once without scrolling the screen. 
  • We should set a heading according to the topic and what is on treading in google search engine. If you do this then people will surely open your post happy to read.

For example:-

How can you increase your ranking in 2020

How to get more likes on our blog

Super tips to indexed your links

2. Quality and content quantity 

  • Some people write their blog in greater words like very long and they think that big content will attract people and search engines too. But do you think that it happens? I don’t think So, I know some people are happy to be ready but most are not. 
  • They will be bored first when they see this. We should focus both Quality and quantity on but most important is quality. I’m not saying quantity is not important. 

For example- If writing you a blog with full information in just 200 words then why will you convey it in 200+ words whereas you can tell in just short words.

3. Link Building is good

  • Providing a link on your blog is very important. Always go with the white hat technique because it is good for a long run period.
  • Never go with the black hat technique that will block your website. There are many ways to link your blog or article.
  • But remember always always go with a quality link. Guest is a good way to get quality and long-run links.

4. Do work on target keyword

  • If you are not targeting the right keywords then your whole process for SEO is useless. Keywords ranking is one that can rank your website is a google engine. It will give you some real traffic. Some of us take it very lightly. 
  • You should target a keyword of which ranking is down and make sure that you have to write synonyms of that keyword because sometimes the same name keyword is no longer searching.

5. Always keep your eye on SEO updates

  • If your keyword ranking is 1st on a search engine in a week it doesn’t it will rank on another week. 
  • Google and search engines work daily very hard to improve their search results that’s why updating daily is a very important process. 
  • If you do SEO updates your blog will never rank down.

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