Top 5 SEO Tools for Keyword Research in 2020

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Top 5 SEO Tools for Keyword Research in 2020

The most important and crucial part of SEO Keyword Research.  You can call it the basic foundation of SEO. You need good quality keywords to attract the traffic whether by kick starting your old content or if you create a new strategy for the new one.

But on the other hand, there are some other factors too which are important to boost up your website like, SEO friendly content, on-page optimization. There are so many companies which pay thousands of dollars to rank their website. 

The first major thing you should do is to find the right and effective keywords. If you are new to the SEO world and have problems in researching the right keywords then you should go for the Keyword Research tools.

SEO Keyword Research Tools 2020 edition

1. SEMrush Tool

If you are looking for the best and easiest way of researching the keywords, then the answer is SEMRUSH. If you are new to using this tool then you will get 14 days free trial service, but after that you have to choose the pricing plans. 

This tool really helps you in knowing the best keywords of your competitors and which are actually on the top ranking list. You can know the top keywords which are helping the page to rank by adding the URL of the page or of the entire website in SEMRUSH.


  • Complete Research Tool-kit. 
  • Keyword Difficulty score and traffic insights.
  • Easily get search engine reports and yearly keyword trends.
  • Adsense CPC statistics.
  • Get Long tail keywords and an updated list of keywords.

Pricing Plans:

  • PRO – starts at $ 83, best for the freelancers and limit budget sites. 
  • GURU – starts at $166, best for the small to mid sized business and SEO agencies. 
  • BUSINESS – starts at $ 333, best for eCommerce agencies and stores.
  • ENTERPRISE – Get a custom plan, best for extensive content strategies. 

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

I personally have used this tool for my content strategies. With my personal experience I would say, this tool has potential and I really liked it. It gives all the details of the site like DA, PA, search the best keywords, competitors keywords. 

You can get the knowledge of the websites through the graph integration, with the amount of data they provide and great UI. These features make the tool stand out from the rest.


  • Best keyword suggestions and difficulty score. 
  • SERP overview and Click metrics.
  • The best thing is that it is supported in 171 countries.

How about that? Nice right? 

Pricing Plans:

  • For starters Ahrefs provides a $7 for 7 days trial. It generally has four types of pricing plans. 
  • Coming to the annual pricing plans, at $82 per month, can be used by the bigger brands, online marketers, freelancers, mid-sized organizations.

3. Google Keyword Planner Tool:

The most popular and used tool is this one. To be honest it is among the top popular list because it is free. And according to human nature, people prefer free things the most. OK. No jokes! Let’s be serious. 


  • Search directly from the Google search engine.
  • Best for those who don’t have much budget to invest. 
  • Most accurate keyword research data. 

Pricing Plans

Hah! It’s free as I said earlier.

4. KWFinder Tool:

Looking for a tool which is fully dedicated to Keyword Explorer? This tool is the answer for all your queries. One of fastest growing companies as they are new in the market. Check out the highly targeted traffic keywords. 


  • Get unique keywords in any language.
  • From the list of powerful keywords, you can choose the options.
  • User friendly experience. 
  • Refine the keyword suggestions. 

Pricing Plans

It gives free and paid both plans. The best way to know about a tool is through always going for the free trial plan first. Maybe you will like the features or maybe not.

5. Long Trial Pro Tool:

Again one of the popular tools among the keywords research list. For niche websites, it generates long-tail keywords and is the cloud based software. 


  • At 24 hours get 2500+ SERP lookups.
  • For gaining organic traffic, give the recommendations.
  • Easily find detailed keyword metrics and long-tail keywords.

Pricing Plans: 

This tool provides a 7 days free trial. But after that you have to pay:

  • Starter: Pay $25 per month.
  • Pro:  Pay $45 per month.
  • Agency:  Pay $98 per month.

Best Keyword Tool for you?

You have to find the answer for this question by yourself. Make a list of what you want and what you don’t. Make research over this. The main concern is always the budget. So, analyse what is the need of your site and how you can improve your SEO.

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