Top 5 Tools for Competitive Analysis in 2020

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Top 5 Tools for Competitive Analysis in 2020

Do you know how hard it is to rank the website? You just have to click and the top websites are on your list. But do you know the hard work behind reaching the top list? There are a lot of things which have made me achieve the top ranking. The SEO agencies have a lot of creative ideas in their mind which have helped the sites in gaining a lot of traffic. 

To develop your SEO strategy you need the most essential step that is competitive analysis. You should know whosoever is your competition, what is the reason for them to be among the top list? Here are the tools which can help you to know the competitive analysis in 2020.

  1. Searchmetrics: 

Searchmetrics is a competitive tool which was found by Marcus Tober in 2005. After that, it moved its concentration towards the enterprise market then afterwards moved to content marketing performance. 

It tells you about what kind of keywords are ranking in a site, what is the site’s position and how a domain is ranking in Google. 

Without considering any additional metrics, Searchmetrics has an algorithm that matches the sets of keywords. 

2. iSpionage:

iSpionage covers Google databases like Canada and Australia and many search engines like Yahoo, Bing are being supported by it. 

3. SEMrush:

SEMrush could be called as the best SEO tool for small and medium sized businesses. Extensive databases like Google database of 131 databases are supported by SEMrush. 

It shows you the category of a domain in which it belongs and the keywords on which it is based and ranks in Google. This can be helpful to find the keywords which are relevant to your niche and can locate the best keywords which  Google is ranking for your competitors. 

4. SpyFu:

SpyFu provides the SEO competitive landscape data just like the Searchmetrics. This tool can give you a list of names of the domain of competitors and also can give the most aggressive ones too. 

Talking about the best feature that would be the SEO Overview Dashboard. Through this you can know about the performance of the domain such as its position on the first page of search results and other comprehensive overview. 

5. Ahrefs:

This is the most popular one among the backlinking tools. I have personally used this one and got very satisfying results. This shows all the details related to a particular site. 

Ahrefs doesn’t show any details about your competitors. It has excluded the big domains like Google, Apple and Quora from their results to put things in order and organise the data. 

This tool can genuinely help you in improving your data and rankings. This is perfect for the SEO agencies.

Final Words:

Even if there are hundreds of tools out there, we only choose those who have actually a relation with our website needs. Make a list of your needs and then compare with these tools. The one which will suit your site will be the best one.

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