Top Key points to remember before starting the back link building

Top Key points to remember before starting the back link building

If you think everything in this world can be done alone, then you are absolutely wrong. To enlarge a small business we need good relations. Same happens in the case of websites. If you want to increase your site’s value you need backlinks. See, to be among the top list you need good backlinking with the best websites and you should consider it as the top strategy.

The biggest growth strategy!

For many years I have been in this field called SEO. So, within these years I have realised that to rank your website you need BACKLINKS! Backlinks are the backbone of the entire process of SEO. 

Don’t fall into the traps like creating more links, getting more traffic. Keep in mind that traffic only comes when you have created good links! There are two types of links, Good and Bad!

Remember! Good Links attract Good Traffic!

Key points to remember before starting the back link building

Step 1. Know your audience:

Before starting any business, you need to know about what your ideal audience wants? You should know everything about your audience, like what they want and what they don’t want? For example if you are a content writer then you should know what topic the audience likes.

If the content is related to the topics which the audience wants to know about. so, indirectly you need to find the targeted audience and their wants. If you have already written contents, you have to make sure to update it according to relevant ideas and content.

Step 2. Know which websites your audience likes:

Now you know what audience you want for your website, so make a list of those websites which have a good number of audience. You need those websites which your audience appreciates. 

If you get backlinks from these websites you can reach out to new audiences. This helps you to reach out more audiences.

Step 3. Write quality content:

The main and most important way of attracting an audience is through an amazing, keyword rich content. Make sure that you have to write nice content otherwise the audience will not like it. The content should inspire the readers or buyers you are targeting.

Step 4. Make content according to the websites:

Just imagine you pour any cold drink in place of water in a flower pot? Will it give any benefit to the plants? Is it right? No, not at all. Water couldn’t be replaced with anything for the plants to grow. Everything has its own place. Same comes in the matter of content. 

You should make an effort to find those websites which actually suit your content. Finding a fashion blog for writing wordpress content is not good. If you are writing anything about technology you should find high DA and low spam score technology sites.

Step 5. Guest Posting:

To gain more audience you have to reach out to them. You can contact the good websites, write articles for them and can ask one backlink in return. There are so many sites which like to receive new and unique articles. 

They give the points which they need in an article, like how many words should be written, or the content should be unique and not plagiarized. You can also ask for guest posting from content writers for your website too and can provide them backlinks in return.

Step 6. Social media to the rescue:

We all know what amount of people use social media. Just imagine if you promote your content in social media, you will get millions of views on your content. If your content is relevant, beautifully written, unique, useful for the audience, then it is sure that your content will be the reason for all your popularity.


The backbone of SEO is the backlinks. If you need good backlinks you have to create good articles. If you create good articles you can get a lot of views for it. You need to follow the concepts of good ranking websites. What is the strategy they follow? How they have reached on the top list. Don’t fall for the short ways. As long as you create good backlinking you are going in the right way.

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