What is an easy way to start On page and Off Page SEO?

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What is an easy way to start On page and Off Page SEO?

Before internet marketing was done through Radio, Television or Newspapers. But with the internet and the digital revolution, we have started to depend on the internet marketing. Now all the organisations are using the internet and SEO for upgrading marketing strategies. 

SEO has become a highly technical practise which has been used by many companies, for upgrading their ranking and website. Lets see how On-page and Off-page SEO can affect the growth of our site.

1. On-Page SEO

All the SEO experts, whether you are new or old ones should understand the value of an On-Page website. If you want your site to come in the first page or on the top ranking list of SERP then you need to learn the On-Page SEO. There are factors which can affect your site:

  • URL Structures
  • Meta Description
  • Site Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Alt text for images
  • Headings
  • Titles 
  • Internal Links

On-Page SEO Practices

To designate the name of the web page and that get displayed on the SERP clickable title result you can use the HTML elements and Title Tags. each keyword would be under 60 character limit, unique, descriptive like what it is all about.

The format to be used in your headings should be of H1 so that you can get best results. You need to add keywords with headings for more results but don’t mix it very badly. 

URL Structure is needed to check how a query is compared to the relevant page. As long as your URLs are relevant you can also optimize them. 

The search engines get more information about an image through the Alt Text. so Alt Text should be 125 characters or less, with keywords, specific or descriptive text.

The most important thing which a customer notes in a site is the Page Load  Speed. This is a true fact. Slow loading of pages has a high bounce rate. 47 percent of people that the site should load within 2 seconds, and another 40 percent of people leave the site within 3 seconds. And the greatest part here is that the slow loading sites get penalties from Google.

For navigating your pages to the audience we have Internal Links. It makes it easier to index your pages and results in high ranks in terms of Google ranking. Just make sure that each page should be linked back to your homepage, category or sub category.

Some people get confused about why they should read your content in place of others, the reason is the Meta Description. It gives a brief explanation of your content. It should be of 160 character or low and appears below the Title and the URL. 

Talking about the Responsive, it looks after that whether your site is compatible to open in mobile as well as in the Desktop. This can create a huge impact on your website because now many people use mobile phones.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO indirectly means that to work on SEO behind the scenes. For the SEO experts who have been in the field can understand the value of Off-Page SEO. Building Backlinks is one of the major things in SEO. Here are the strategies you should use in Off-Page SEO.

  • The need of writing the guest posting.
  • You need to write posts which are actually very popular in your field.
  • Create a lot of infographics, image submission, video submission, PDF submission.
  • Check out all the broken links and change them. 

Off-Page SEO Practices:

Rather than the quality backlinks you can also do Off-Page work through other practices. Let’s talk about the other practices:

  • Quora answering questions
  • Business Listings
  • Video, audio, image sharing 

Some of the famous sites for sharing contents, images, audio, video would include:

  • Image: Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr
  • Video: Dailymotion and Vimeo
  • Audio: Podbean and Soundcloud


You want to know the main difference between them, then for On-PageSEO it would be that you need good quality content, the technical issues and the page loading speed should be solved. 

Off-Page SEO deals with creating backlinks through image, video, audio, infographic submission, quora answering, blog commenting, blog posting, guest posting etc. This process can guarantee you quality backlinks and can maintain good relations with the high DA sites. 

This is the first part you need to go through these two terms. You should do a deep research in both of the terms. Both are important in one way or another. You should just understand the whole process before attempting to do it.

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