What is better to increase traffic? Video Marketing or Blogging?

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What is better to increase traffic? Video Marketing or Blogging?

You have been writing a blog for quite some time right! Now it’s time to get some serious traffic on your website. See, both video marketing and blogging are good at their place I’m not judging; it depends on the audience whether they love to watch or they love to read because everyone has their different hobby like my hobby is to watching a video instead of reading so I will surely love to go with video marketing same as your hobby is reading you will go to with blogging side. 

As you know everything is now on your phone. Search anything on google you will get all the details in just seconds. You have seen many people are too busy with their lifestyle but they want to know everything without spending more time. So for those people it is good video marketing. Most of the companies, even people, also engage in video marketing.

If you want to generate leads then video marketing is a good option. As a survey 74% of people said that video watching is better than blog reading. But it is not necessary that most people like to watch videos, so you have to focus only on video content.

Let's talk about both aspects:-

Video Marketing

Video marketing is used for promoting your business in the market and generating some real traffic and indexed and ranked in search engines

If you are doing video marketing then these 5 Points you should keep into your mind.

  1. Video 

Your video quality plays a very important role so it should be very high not only for video but also for images and themes because it makes your video more attractive.

2. Audio

Without sound quality your video is like dumb. You have to attach the best quality sound with your video so it looks like your video is talking to the watcher.

3. Text

Video with description is good but don’t forget to write your keyword.

4. People

Share your video with an email list or social network and advertising audience.

5. Measurement

You should analyze all video platforms or websites.


A blog is an online journal where you can share your opinion, stories, incident, and other writing skills with images.

4 steps before going to write a blog

1.Choose a descriptive blog name

Take heading which is relatable to your blog. It will easy to reader find your blog

2.Make it interesting

You can make your blog interesting and imaginative by adding an image and a good template.

3.Publish it online

Register your blog then publish your blog on an online platform So people will reach you.

4.Promotion is important

Promote your blogs on social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


You have read all the aspects right! Both are different techniques and both important for SEO marketing. But it depends on you what type of audience you want and from which techniques. See as I said above I won’t call anyone wrong and good. It depends on engagement whether it comes from after your blog posting or video posting.

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