Why is DA very important for backlinking and how to improve any site domain authority?

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Why is DA very important for backlinking and how to improve any site domain authority?

If you have a good experience in the SEO field, then this term is a common one. Now for those who have heard this term for the first time, this article is for you guys. So, what is DA (Domain Authority), why it is important and how you can improve the site domain.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority tells about ranking of a website on the search engines. You can know the DA of your site or others by signing in MOZ. DA is a way through which we can know the exact reason for the upgrading or degrading of the site.

What is the importance of DA in backlinking?

If your site or others have higher DA then it is a good sign for the website. But the site has lower DA, then the site needs an upgrade. If the DA is high then it has a high rank in the list of search engines. So, there is an inter-connection between high ranking and high DA. 

So if you want your site to be in the list of the top sites, then work more on your SEO and gain more high DA. You can also search in Google to know about the higher quality work of SEO. In short we can say that the measurement of website backlinks creates high DA of a site.

An advice I would like to give to the low DA websites. If you really want to increase your DA, you need to start creating backlinks with the high DA sites. If you find a site which has 80% DA, less spam score, then it is best to create backlinks with that site. 

Note: It is highly advisable from my side to not create backlinks from those sites which have high spam scores. If the site has more than 7% spam score then DON’T CREATE BACKLINKS!!!! Yes! keep in mind that these high spam score sites are those metroids which hit so hard, that can spoil your site DA. 

It takes time to build your authority after registering the Domain. Other important factors are: 

  • Make high quality website contents. 
  • Create a Mobile-friendly site.
  • On-page SEO. 
  • The important one – Loading speed of your website.

By these steps you can improve your Domain Authority of your site:

  • Target the high Domain Authority sites: 

The best way of increasing your Domain Authority, is by obtaining the backlinks from the high DA sites. As I said earlier beware of the Spam scores. If the spam score and DA both are high, then also you can gain spam score. If the spam score increases then it is not good for your site.

Other ways like guest posting, is also a great idea. Through this way you can ask a backlink by providing high quality content. Its like the bartar system. The higher the Domain Authority, the more advantages.

  • Say no to Spammy links:

It is never about getting a lot of backlinks, but it is about getting high quality links. Google ignores the spammy links,but still important to clean your website by removing the bad or spammy links. 

  • Don’t fall for the Fake DA websites:

Have you ever heard of fake Domain Authority scores? NO? Then it is possible to fake the Domain Authority scores of your site. How do people do that? They buy these kinds of Domains then build networks with high domain websites, then for their own websites, they build links.

But Google shows who is the real and genuine player here. Google shows red flags to these sites. There are tools which know how to identify these sites like MOZ. This tool doesn’t give any value to these fake sites.

Final Words:

SEO is the most efficient way to enhance your site. If it’s done in a right way then it can benefit your site in many ways. Here, you have to keep in mind that to create the best ranking for your site you need to do hard work. You can’t use the simple way, as it is of no use in the future. Google had made strict rules for the sites, so that fake sites could be caught. Go for the sincere way. Create high quality backlinks, contents and do guest posting.

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